5 Cheap Ways to Help Sell a House Fast This Summer

Posted on: July 15th, 2015 by , No Comments

Summer is by far one of the most popular times of the year to sell a house. There are tons of people relocating, graduating from school and retiring, which makes the real estate market hottest during the summer. No is a great time to look into selling a house, but where should you start?

This post is going to cover five different things you can do this summer to sell a house fast. These are all projects that don’t cost too much and can be done during a weekend. A little do it yourself project can make all the difference in how quickly your home sells.

1. Landscaping

Landscaping is crucial in creating a good first experience with potential buyers. Many people want to sell a house but don’t put any effort into the yard. It is one of the first things that people notice when they drive by a house for sale.

Make sure at the very least that your front yard is landscaped and well maintained. The grass should always be cut and not overgrown. Trees and bushes should be trimmed to help create a more inviting look.

If you want to go the extra mile, refresh any flower beds in the yard with new topsoil and consider planting some flowers close to the house to help draw buyer’s eyes from the yard to the house.

Again, the condition of your yard plays a huge role in the first impression that your home makes. Whether you choose to do a small project or a complete overhaul, take initiative and get your yard looking good!

  • Make sure the front yard is clean
  • Consider refreshing flower beds

2. Painting

Painting is another project that you can go big with or keep simple. New paint always looks good on a house, but it is also an indicator that the house has been well taken care of. If you want to sell a house fast you should look into a painting project.

Many people who are working with a budget choose to re paint the exterior doors. This is a great way to draw attention from the road up to your house. Most of the time the doors are a different color from the house and trim, which really catches people’s eyes. Your house may have the same color doors and trim. One can of paint will be more than enough to get a coat on the doors and all of the trim.

A money saving idea for the inside of the house is painting it all the same color. Choose a neutral color that works with your interior flooring and paint the interior one solid color. This will allow you to give your interior a refreshed look, while also allowing people who see your house to come up with creative color schemes of their own and see the house as their own.

  • Repainting exterior doors can be a huge help
  • One color for your interior allows buyers to visualize their new home

3. Host an Open House

Open houses are great events for creating a buzz about your house. It only costs a couple of dollars to buy some open house signs and stick them at the ends of your road. You shouldn’t stop there though. If you seriously want to sell a house fast, your open house should be an event.

It’s the middle of summer. Nothing says its summer like BBQ. A cookout in the front yard is a great way to get the neighborhood interested in your home. If nothing else, have some cold drinks on standby for people who want to take a look at your home.

  • An open house creates buzz
  • Have a BBQ or cold drinks

4. Stage Your Home

staging a living room can help sell a house

Staging your home is another must if you want to sell a house before the summer ends. While you could hire a professional home stager, I can tell you from experience that it doesn’t take a whole lot to get your house ready to show.

Depersonalize your house. Make sure that family pictures and vacation mementos are stored away. You want the people looking at your house to be able to say “We can put those pictures over there” and “I can see that being our family room”. You won’t be able to get that effect if your personal belongings are out and about.

Store any extra clutter. Anything that can be put away to create more open space and a clean environment needs to find a home. You want to create as much space as possible. Make your home look open and inviting.

If you are able, move furniture away from the walls. This helps to really show off the dimensions of the rooms in a house. Showing off  space and features through staging will help sell a house in no time.

  • Depersonalize your home
  • Store clutter and create space

5. Internet Marketing

The internet is an extremely valuable tool for all industries. Most everyone who buys a house begins their search online. This means that now, more than ever, it is important to have on online presence.

First you need to take a lot of pictures. Pictures can play a huge part in whether you sell a house fast or not. A camera with a wide angle lens works best. Photograph the exterior from front to back. Make sure to turn on all of the lights and open all of the blinds when taking pictures of the interior. Make sure to include pictures of features unique to your house.

You can use services like Zillow, Realtor and Craigslist to upload your photos and list all of your house’s details. These three services alone will reach out past your local market and allow people from all over the country who are thinking of moving to your area to view your house. This is a huge advantage!

  • Take plenty of good pictures
  • List your house on multiple listing services online

Take action! If you want to sell your house fast this summer you need to implement one or more of these tips. The more you do, the better chance you have to sell a house. Again, summer is by far the best market for selling houses. Make sure that you take full advantage of this.